Tuesday, September 29, 2009

tuesday 29 september

the woodland path
disappearing under
a layer of leaves

. . .

A big thank you to Ann B. who let me know the comment feature wasn't working. Weird. I think I've got that fixed (you coders will appreciate that I made a change that logically should have had no effect whatsoever — classic).

So, please, have at it!


AnnB said...

I tried to leave a comment on Sept. 30th... can't tell if it worked or not. Oh, I think I didn't see that I needed to enter my gmail password. I'll try here.

On this one, I love how you did the trunks and green in the background. Well, I like other things too. :-)

AnnB said...

YAY, it appears to have worked! Whooee.

alkiart said...

Thanks, Ann! The sun was slanting in and those trees looked like white birches in the light, so painted around them