Saturday, May 15, 2010

open enthusiastically

open the door to the Morning

In this spirit,
we needn't listen
to past history

. . . . . . . .

What with the six hour time difference, "today's" OED word of the day is still the same one I used yesterday, so this erasure poem|commentary erases different words from 'past history.'

Participating in today's Worldwide Sketchcrawl, the Seattle Urban Sketchers enjoyed Georgetown today. This sketch is the back of one of the Cold Storage buildings - not holding up quite as well as Jules Maes Saloon (since 1888!), where we reconvened for ales and the traditional sketchbook sharing.


annbass said...

Lovely! Looks more like Europe than Seattle. Sorry I didn't make it today ... was able to borrow neighbor's pressure washer. Dang spider turds! I'd like to have a foliage lesson sometime -- yours is always so special. :-)

alkiart said...

re: Europe, just what I was thinking Friday, sitting in dappled sunlight on the terrace of... Grand Central!!

Maybe Tim will post his on the USk site, to give this back-of-Cold-Storage-building some context. During my two hour stint, several folks wandered around tatking photos. I've gotta go back and finish a second sketch. Maybe "las tres amigas" can go some day!!

Thanks, as always, for the comment, Ann!