Friday, June 18, 2010

shining solitudes

undulating motion
the shining solitudes of the Sea
and a ship

. . . . . . . .

Having jumped the time zone gun yesterday, the OED word of the day for this erasure poem is still "winding."

Today was a Seattle Plein Air meetup at Fisherman's Terminal. As I've said before, it's now my favorite place to sketch. Besides 10,000 sketchable views, the fishermen who stop to check out your portrait of their ship are always a gas. A guy from the Coral came over to chat today.

Told me what I did was hard!
"Compared to THAT?" I asked, pointing at the ship.

Yep, he thought so. He said sanding was really relaxing (ah, "chop vegetables, sand deck"), and that the most dangerous part of going in and out of Alaskan inlets was getting conked with a piece of equipment. Guess I've seen too much of the Discovery Channel!


Anonymous said...

So enjoying your picturing and poeting. This latest gem rends a heaving heart and tide...
a daily weaving.

alkiart said...

Thanks! Glad you are following it...