Friday, August 27, 2010


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Wednesday's phone booth really made me conscious of today's normal being tomorrow's antique.

I wondered if someday my niece Victoria would show this sketch of a Barnes & Noble to her daughter to illustrate what a "bookstore" was, back in the day.

It seemed especially ironic that the signs closest to me were those in this haiku.

Sorry for the weird text display, but I finally was unhappy enough with the small image to just import a large one. So the image is clickable for a larger version, but the text placement suffers.


Sadami said...

Dear Susan,
Big decision for the size. I hope many readers will respect an artist's copyrights. Lovely work and "today's normal, tomorrow's antique" gives me a stiff smile...
Kind regards, Sadami

Peggy said...

I like being able to expand your pictures and appreciate your details. It's interesting to sketch what is disappearing

alkiart said...

Well, this was a one time thing -- or at least limited decision -- re: the size, just cuz I disliked the really small one so much.