Thursday, August 2, 2012

garbage strike

summer garbage strike —
dumpsters ripening faster
than the tomatoes

. . . . . . .

Though I didn't use the OED word of the day for the haiku, have to tell you that it is  'pluck-buffet,' an archery contest in which the loser received a blow (buffet) from the winner. Luckily, not part of the Olympics.

The sketch is view of downtown from Hamilton Viewpoint Park in West Seattle. Drawn between two wedding party photo shoots! Larger image on Seattle Urban Sketchers site.


Peggy said...

"pluck-buffet" What a weird word. I thought immediately of "Chick fil A".

alkiart said...

This is the last time I read one of your comments with liquid in my mouth: I nearly spewed it all over the screen. Too funny!!

Peggy said...