Saturday, August 29, 2009

saturday 29 august

late summer rain
tasting autumn
on the breeze

Well, I can cross off #783 on Life's To-Do List: I've been booted off a film set.

The crew apparently didn't know you can get into the park a lot of different ways than the main one. So, I walked right through them all and then stopped to sketch. It didn't take long for some guy to stroll up and look at my sketch.

"Just double checking what you were doing." We had a pleasant little chat about the irony of filming sci-fi in old growth forest and he walked back down to the gathering . Only to reappear by my side minutes later.

"So, the director just wants to make sure you're not making any money off this..." "It's proprietary. you know..."

"The tents?? Am I making him uncomfortable? Does he want me to leave?"

"Well ... yeah."

I considered pursuing my artistic freedom to sketch trees and tents with the director, but decided we both had better things to do.

So, just for the record, this sketch is not for sale.

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