Thursday, August 27, 2009

thursday, 27 august

moss green glass
warm august light reflects
deep in the woods

Predicted high today was 86. Summer's last gasp before it gets 86ed.

OK. So I just had to google 86ed. Merriam-Webster says it's rhyming slang for "nixed." Hmmm... The least expected explanation (courtesy of Brian on urbandictionary) is that it refers to the Empire State Building. "The observation deck (which for a period of time was a popular suicide jump point) is on the 86th floor... A suicide from the observation deck was referred to as having 86ed himself." Geez Louise.

I'm buying into the theory that Article 86 of the New York State Liquor Code defines the circumstances in which a bar patron should be refused alcohol: hence, '86ed'.

Anyway, the shade was great today, but may need to stay warm in the sun tomorrow.

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