Friday, June 29, 2012


In this world
As long as a man hath many friends
Then the whole world were happy

. . . . . . .

The OED word of the day for the erasure commentary is 'eurous.'

Had to look twice at that one. Back in the day (15th cent.) it meant prosperous or lucky. Guess they didn't know that six centuries down the road it would look like an adjective for someone with a lot of euros!!


Sadami said...

Hahahaha! Susan, you're a brillinat linguist with a cute humour. Both haiku and post are so good. Personally, I love your writing more this time.
Cheers,wink,wink, Sadami

alkiart said...

Thanks, Sadami! The English language is a constant revelation. I just learned that Shakespeare invented 1700 words, including 'skim milk' and 'advertising.' The mind boggles!!