Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Halloween —
greeting kids at the door with
chocolate on my lips

. . . . . . .

FYI, the OED word of the day was 'Bloody Bones.' Yuck.

After debating the outdoor options (wet), Peggy and I hunkered down in Ivars on Pier 54. Kudos to our waiter who left us totally undisturbed to paint the view


Roger Morris said...

It's a fun sketch. It's like the seagulls aren't sure which way to face.

alkiart said...

Thanks, Roger. I guess it's hard when you don't know which direction your next french fry is coming from! :)

Peggy said...

I should have asked. Is the deep blackish color made with the red and green? It works beautifully. I think you captured the bird attitude!

alkiart said...

Thanks! The dark is ultramarine blue, alizarin & hooker's green...with a tiny bit of quin burnt orange in places for variety.