Sunday, October 21, 2012


Let the spirit
while it can
find comfort in
humble tranquility
. . . . . .

The OED word of the day for the erasure commentary is 'orgulous.'

The collage is an homage to Mary Delany, the subject of Molly Peacock's "The Paper Garden: An Artist Begins Her Life's Work at 72."


Peggy said...

Beautiful. Tulips seem the perfect foil for this rainy October day. The collage is a trick to my eye that wants to see it as watercolor.

alkiart said...

Trick or treat!! Mary started doing ones (with much more botanical correctness than mine!) at age 72 -- in 1772! -- and did almost 1000. Yikes!

Peggy said...

A 1000!!! I missed that detail. Boy, do I feel unproductive!

alkiart said...

LOL! I think I read she was averaging about one every 4-5 days. C'mon, you can sketch that much!!!