Monday, July 9, 2012

cruise ship

heading out of port
the cruise ship blocks out
the skyline if not the sun

. . . . . . .

I couldn't do an erasure of the OED word of the day, as it was a just a few words in one citation. But northwesterners need to have it in their vocabulary: imbriferous. It means rain-bringing or showery, as in 'the atmosphere had an imbriferous quality.'


Vicky said...

I like how you got so much information into this painting--the skyline, ship, kayaks, the shore and that great sign.
I'm going to try to use 'imbriferous', but not right away, since I'm really enjoying our sunshine. I imagine you are, too:)

alkiart said...

Thanks, Vicky! Credit to our fellow urban sketcher Frank Ching for helping me realize the importance of the foreground - and how that sign really helps it all come together.

And yes, let us Definitely keep imbriferous tucked away, unused!!

Vicky said...

Good reminder! If I remembered to apply Frank Ching's tips to begin with 5 measurements first, I'd have far more successes!

alkiart said...

Our brains are only so big at any given moment!! :)