Sunday, July 1, 2012

northwest summer

northwest summer —
going to the art store
for more Payne's gray

. . . . . . .

Today's haiku was inspired by Vicky's comment on the previous post. A bit of research finds that William Payne was a British watercolorist in the late 18th century and he came up with this useful neutral.

Dan Smith currently mixes the color out of ultramarine and ivory black; William used indigo, raw sienna and 'lake' (some kind of red), which sounds like a much richer sky. But it's still gray, which may explain why I'm more into Venetian red at the moment!


Vicky said...

The collage is lovely, but I gotta say, I really like the haiku! I'm so glad my comment was inspirational:)
Interesting bit of info. about Wm. Payne, too.
Now will you do something with "Red sky at night,sailor's delight...?"

alkiart said...

Hah! No thanks, not touching that! :)