Saturday, July 21, 2012


a ladybug crawls
across my sketch


not to get glued down

. . . . . .

Collage sketch done of the Washington State History Museum in Tacoma with 32 other Urban Sketchers, some all the way down from Whidbey Island and up from Portland. Great fun! Larger image here.


Sadami said...

Hi, Susan,
Both haiku and work are beutiful. I'm sure the lady bug could not resist your colours.
Cheers, Sadami

alkiart said...

Thanks, Sadami! If I'd been quicker with a brush, I wouldn't have resisted the ladybug's colors!

Vicky said...

It's so nice to see this again after seeing it in person.Thanks for being so generous in sharing your sketchbooks and explaining your techniques. It was a pleasure!

alkiart said...

Thanks, Vicky! I too am really glad we could chat -- and laugh a lot:) -- at "The World Famous" Swiss. It made the day for me.