Thursday, August 25, 2011


the source of ease

Save me the best,
I want to cheer up

let me see it, If I may
I love it with Poems

. . . . . . . .

Well, I was close in my prediction of the OED word of the day: it's 'marchepane,' which is how one wrote 'marzipan' back in Shakespeare's day.

I don't know why (is it National Dessert Week in the UK?) the Oxford lads are in a diabetic coma mood, but I went with them in this erasure poem|commentary. We'll see if they go for four in a row tomorrow (pavlova, apple-pie, marchepane, TBD)


Peggy said...

Banoffee (pie)? Now there's decadence in a shell.

alkiart said...

OK, that IS in the OED (my Seattle library card # gets me access, but thinks it's an Auckland Library card!!) and though I'd never heard of it, I now Desperately want some. Decadent is right!! I expect you guys to make a pilgrimage to the Hungry Monk to have some next month at its birthplace.